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澳门新金沙娱乐平台:Stock index closing doubled GEM refers to the amount of three Lian Yin quantity can effectively release is the key

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内容摘要:early cities opened mixed, stock index opened higher, then around the opening line of a four-month low intraday volatility, small plates tha...

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early cities opened mixed, stock index opened higher, then around the opening line of a four-month low intraday volatility, small plates that shock all the way down, fell early popular theme concept, coal, liquor, military comeback , The afternoon index fell again, the Shanghai Composite Index late red, GEM refers to the green plate shocks, the daily three Lianyin, as the closing stock index to close at 3267.92 points, or 0.05%, Shenzhen Component Index to close at 10960.12 points, down 0.35%, the GEM mean closing 1780.64 points, down 0.19%, the two cities total turnover of 34525.25 billion yuan.


Plate on the coal, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, liquor, insurance plate gainers, retail, chip concept, integrated circuits and other plates among the top.


In the news, on December 15, a routine briefing by the State Council was held. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Agriculture will work with relevant departments to conscientiously implement the decision-making arrangements of the State Council and work hard to formulate a new type of agricultural management subject nurturing project planning in time. Organize new special supervisors to support the implementation of policies by new business entities and push policies to take root and gain practical results.

2. Internet car representative WeiLao new product ES8 was officially launched on the 16th. The ES8 is a high-performance intelligent electric 7-seat SUV. The main target model is the Tesla Model X with a battery capacity of 70kWh and a total mileage of 355km , The benchmark version, the original version of subsidies before the price was 448,000 yuan, 548,000 yuan. It is understood that ES8 product launches, orders exceeded market expectations, is expected Wei Wei ES8 a month's sales should be more than the BMW i Series in the domestic sales.


Essence Securities said that in the past A-share style differentiation appeared four times, each time have the common characteristics, that is, liquidity crunch, interest rates rose sharply . And once liquidity tightening or fundamental reversal, the style will be back. In the first half of next year, it will be adjusted after restlessness in the first half of the year. In the second half of the year, the economy will surpass expectation and the liquidity margin will improve. The stock market opportunity will be better than in the first half.


Galaxy Securities said that near the end of the market mentality generally cautious, capital trading is not active, making the market short-term to do more kinetic energy, the short-term market is still expected to fluctuate, stock index or will be repeatedly worn, the amount of energy can be effectively released The essential. Investors can bargain layout, to prepare for the 2018 market.

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Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data , Galaxy Securities, as of the date: 2017-12-15

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